My Fan Art for Life is Strange

by Apr 14, 2019Fan Art

Life is Strange is a video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix for various platforms in 2015. Since then it has gotten a prequel video game called Life is Strange: Before the Storm (by Deck Nine & SE) and also lately a comic series Life is Strange: Dust (by E. Vieceli, C. Leonardi, A. Izzo & Titan Comics). It’s a series I got to know fully only a few months ago. It had a huge impact on me and I think that the game is perfect in so many levels. I actually like to think of it more as an experience rather than only a video game because it brought up so many emotions for me and also managed to change the way I see world. It also led me to connect with some amazing, nice, fun and talented people online whose work has inspired me to try creating some of my own. For these people Life is Strange was also not only a video game among others but more an experience that continues to live on through their words, music and art.

Along with all the official publications of Life is Strange there are hundreds of pieces of fan art and fan fiction created for the series. Thousands? For sure. Tens of thousands? Maybe. I’m still quite new in the fandom and I’ve only seen the surface. It goes without saying that the fanbase is huge. After I found out of these I wanted to participate somehow. Even though I don’t see myself much as an “art person”, all the fan art inspired me to try drawing after a long time. After trying drawing I went on and made some photo manipulations in Photoshop (which is a much more familiar field to me). Eventually I bought a drawing tablet with screen, which I used to make some digital art by drawing directly to Photoshop.

In this post I’m going to share all the fan art I have created for Life is Strange to this day.

1. Drawing: Chloe Price from Life is Strange: Before the Storm

My first piece of fan art for Life is Strange was this drawing of Chloe Price from Life is Strange: Before the Storm. To tell the truth, I hadn’t drawn anything for nearly ten years before doing this drawing. I, however, had a time when I drew occasionally in my past so getting back to drawing felt like getting back to an old hobby. Drawing a face still felt quite difficult to me and I always feel kinda nervous doing it – especially with pencil and paper. You know, if you mess up the eyes several times it can mess up the whole drawing!

I did this drawing fully with pencil and paper, after which I took a photo of it with my phone, transferred it to my computer and colored it with Photoshop. Even though I have used Photoshop for a long time, I had never colored a drawing with it either. Here’s the result in two phases. In the first phase I tested coloring with Photoshop, and in the second phase I got it fully colored.

In the end I managed to create a sort of campfire feeling to the picture by coloring it. The coloring is not the best but I’m still quite happy with the end result. I remember my hand was in pain after doing all the coloring with mouse (this was the first time I thought about buying a drawing tablet).

2. Chloe Price at Junkyard

This picture is my first photoshopping related to Life is Strange. This picture was actually a quick photoshopping for me, by which I mean a picture done in about 15 minutes usually during my coffee break. At the time of this picture I was replaying Life is Strange: Before the Storm and taking plenty of screenshots of my playthrough. In one part of the game there’s a scene where young Chloe is sitting on top of the boat at the Junkyard. It gave me an idea to photoshop older Chloe’s hair and clothes for her and also add some rain and dust. My idea was to try out and see what kind of feeling that kind of a picture would give. To me, well, a similar feeling to what it felt like after finishing Life is Strange for the first time.

3. Max Caulfield as Heather Mason in Silent Hill 3

Photoshopping images of Life is Strange was fun so I continued doing it in my later coffee breaks. Being also a fan of Silent Hill -series, I got an idea of photoshopping the protagonist of Life is Strange as the protagonist of Silent Hill 3. Just an idea out of the blue; nothing more meaningful than to have fun in Photoshop.

4. Badass Max at Junkyard

Coffee break photoshoppings continued with the protagonist of Life is Strange, Max Caulfield. This time I got an idea to try how Max would look like wearing Chloe’s beanie and shirt. As this was also a quick idea, I was amazed by how well this was received by other fans. After doing the first picture I was asked to create other pictures of this “Badass Max”. In the end I created three pictures of Badass Max at Junkyard. Here’s a compilation of all three of them.

All three pictures can be viewed separately in my DeviantArt-page.

5. Pirate Max

Max and Chloe are pirates forever, aye mate? Arrr! Here’s a coffee break photoshopping of Max as a pirate. The original picture of this pirate is from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

6. Butterfly Effect

After replaying Life is Strange: Before the Storm I replayed Life is Strange as well. One of the screenshots I took during my playthrough was this painful face of Max during a bus drive. It gave me an idea of a big blue butterfly behind her and some distorting effects. Hence I named the picture “Butterfly Effect”. In this picture Max has been photoshopped into her room in the Prescott Dormitory.

Butterfly image behind Max has been made by Виктория Бородинова and downloaded from Pixabay.

7. Max Caulfield Playing Guitar in AU Eclipse

For this photoshopping I continued a bit of the style of Badass Max from my earlier photoshoppings. My idea was to create a sweet Life is Strange -wallpaper that would give some warm fuzzies. I photoshopped Max playing guitar in her room to play guitar outside during the eclipse. Then I added her Chloe’s beanie, changed the color of her clothing and also added her a bracelet with spikes. To finish the wallpaper I increased brightness and contrast in various areas to give it a dreamy look.

8. Misfit Chloe

Time to put my new drawing tablet to use!

When I first started my new drawing tablet with screen, I felt like so many doors opened for me. Drawing directly to Photoshop helps tremendously in creating photo manipulations and digital art. To this day I’ve made only two pieces of work with it and I’m eagerly waiting for starting my third picture.

This picture here, which I named Misfit Chloe, was actually more of a digital drawing exercise for me. I started it by creating a blank image in Photoshop and by testing all the functions of my new graphic tablet. Soon I decided that I want to make a picture of Chloe for a change, and also as my first picture with XP-Pen. Chloe’s Misfit Skull -tank top gave me an idea of combining the skull art with Chloe’s head. Thus I came up with Misfit Chloe.

As this picture was practically just me testing out my new toy, it’s unfortunately not available in higher resolution.

9. Max on the Beach

This last picture in this blog post is by far my biggest piece of fan art for Life is Strange. I had learnt how to use my new drawing tablet and its functions so next I wanted to try creating something bigger. For this picture I looked and combined several of my screenshots from Life is Strange and drew based on them. I also wanted this picture to be a fully colored wallpaper so I had to come up with some coloring and shadowing techniques of my own. To be honest, I don’t know any proper coloring or shadowing techniques because I’m still quite new to all this, but I hope you like the end result.

This wallpaper took about 8 hours for me to make. Most of the time went on drawing and coloring Max, obviously. When I got to draw the hill with the lighthouse, I was already quite exhausted. Because of this the hill is not as detailed as Max, but I’m still happy with it. I learnt my lesson though, so note to myself: take breaks, even while having fun!

Clouds in this work have been made by photoshopping them from various cloud pictures and making them look like if they have been drawn. This is something that I like very much in digital art: you can combine images with drawings easily!

That’s it, all my fan art for Life is Strange to this day. All of the pictures above can be viewed in my DeviantArt-page separately.

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One more thing: If you have some kind of a LiS account in social media that focuses on sharing fan art related to Life is Strange, you have my permission to share my work providing that you credit me (claycr4ne) in the descriptions. Thanks!