My Fan Art for Life is Strange (Part 3)

by May 3, 2020Fan Art

Continuing my last blog posts (part 1 & part 2): Here’s another set of my fan art for Life is Strange. This time I have two pieces made in the similar style as all those in my last blog post. In addition to these I have one pixel art compilation of Life is Strange, which is actually my first pixel art work ever!

17. Pirates 4ever!

In this fan art I wanted to make something cute of both the protagonists of Life is Strange. In the game there is this photo of Max and Chloe as kids playing pirates. That photo gave me an idea of drawing older Max and Chloe holding that same photo, which would be turned into a painting in this fan art. I also wanted to include the pirate theme into this scene by Making Max wear a similar eye-patch as she wore in the photo, and Chloe wear a pirate scarf.

Max and Chloe as pirates (screenshot from the game).

I started the work by drawing Max and Chloe holding an empty frame. The most difficult part in drawing the characters was drawing the hands in a way that it would look real. I had to re-draw them a couple of times so I got them right. In the original lineart I even had Max’s hand on Chloe’s shoulder but decided to remove it in the end.

As for the kid pirates painting I used the game photo as a reference. It helped a lot, obviously, also because I wanted it to look very much the same as the photo in the game.

When I had drawn both Max and Chloe and also the photo, I needed to design the background for them. I had difficulties deciding whether Chloe’s room would be the best option (see above) or then some nature view or a cabin. In the end I felt the cabin background to give the fan art the most comfy feeling. I used this photo from Pixabay by psaudio for the background:

To signature my work I wanted to add something funny in this fan art as well. I came up with making a poster similar to the Vortex Party poster of Life is Strange and place it on the wall. Hope you like the end result!

18. Happy Birthday, Chloe!

# Life is Strange 2 Spoiler alert! #

March 11th and it’s Chloe’s 26th birthday! To commemorate Chloe’s birthday I wanted to create a birthday drawing of her. Before this date I had recently played Life is Strange 2. In the game there’s a chance to see a photo of Max and Chloe after the events of Life is Strange. This photo shows a new look for Chloe, which soon after appeared in a number of art created by the fans. I also wanted to try drawing this new Chloe, so I got an idea of Chloe celebrating her birthday in the same settings as in that photo.

In the first Life is Strange game you get to see this image below from one of Chloe’s previous birthday parties. She is clearly having a fight with her step-dad David. Both of them look like they hate each other.

I wanted this new birthday drawing of mine to have a reference to this exact scene. So, as Chloe and David are in much better terms in Life is Strange 2, I decided to re-create this scene by making a happier version of it. In this new drawing Chloe and David are looking back to this particular birthday party of Chloe’s and having a laugh about it. This time Chloe is not threatening David with a butter knife but is holding a cake shovel in a similar pose – to show a glimpse of her rebellious past!

I tried more cartoon-like style to draw faces in this work. It’s certainly faster to do than all those previous styles I’ve tried. Making this joyful birthday drawing made me happy, hopefully it has the same effect on you!

19. Life is Strange Pixel Art

Speaking of game development, I’ve always wanted to learn to make pixel art so that I could make some sprites for some of my games or prototypes by myself. Making all these fan art for Life is Strange finally convinced my to try and learn pixel art – to see if I can produce anything that looks even barely good. So, I started learning the art style by following some very simple tutorials. First advice in those tutorials was to draw shapes and silhouettes, as small as 32 x 32 pixels, and coloring them in a way that they show the light source. All this basically by using simple tools: line tool for making outlines, pen and paint bucket for coloring, and color picker for choosing different tones for lights and shadows.

I started my pixel art practice by making a sprite of Chloe Price first. After that I continued by making the logo of Life is Strange and also Max Caulfield. One by one I got new ideas, some of which were from the lovely members of Life is Shiwkey Discord server (thank you!). Soon I had so many sprites that I got an idea of making a collection of them. Now what would be a more fitting idea for Life is Strange sprite collection than a time spiral? Therefore I drew a big spiral, placed all my sprites in there (in correct positions regarding to the game’s story), and drew all the rest sprites that I needed. All in all I needed plenty of sprites to fill the whole spiral – as you can see from the end result below (enlargened to 2x size). The spiral is designed to be completely spoiler-free and it doesn’t follow any particular path of choices.

What a nice pixel art challenge this was! I also got to do exactly what the tutorials guided me to practice: different shapes with different lighting. It’s great to continue from here.

Like before, all the pictures above can be viewed in my DeviantArt-page separately.

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Also: If you have some kind of a LiS account in social media that focuses on sharing fan art related to Life is Strange, you have my permission to share my work providing that you credit me (claycr4ne) in the descriptions.

Thanks for reading!